Westgate Covid-19 News

Westgate Covid-19 News

29th Jun 2020

29 June 2020 – A team member, who works in the Bakery department at Food Lover’s Market Westgate, has tested positive for Covid-19. She was last in the store on Sunday evening, 21 June 2020 – eight days ago. We were made aware of the positive test result after this team member called in sick and was consequently tested as part of a routine medical check-up. In the interest of transparency, we have let you know about this development and how we have already addressed it.

All employees that had direct contact with the team member have been instructed to self-quarantine for the remaining period of the 14-days since the last contact with their colleague and are being monitored for any symptoms of COVID-19.

A professional cleaning company has conducted a deep clean and sanitisation of the store on 24 June 2020 – five days ago.

We wish our affected colleague well and look forward to welcoming her, and the rest of the team, back to the store.

As we have taken the necessary precautions to keep our team and customers safe, the Food Lover’s Market Westgate store is open and we welcome you back to our store for your next shop.

We will continue our practice of screening our team members on arrival at work daily and during the day. We will also continue to follow all hygiene protocols – including sanitising hands and surfaces, practising social distancing and wearing masks.