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Career Opportunities at Food Lover’s Market

Among the numerous opportunities that await the youth, a career in the retail industry shines as a vibrant and rewarding choice. In this blog post, we want to highlight the career prospects within Food Lover’s Holdings, showcasing the dynamic world that awaits you. This blog serves to showcase opportunities to scholars attending the World Of Work Career Expo.

1. Human Resources 

The retail industry relies on skilled and motivated employees. Human resources and training professionals contribute by recruiting, training, and developing the workforce. This role is perfect for individuals who are passionate about nurturing talent and building strong teams. The Human Resources Department manages, develops and supports employees within an organisation and manages performance, compensation and benefits. 

Occupations: HR Manager within a store, recruiter, training and development specialist, Employee relations, employee wellness.

2. Retail Management 

Behind every successful retail chain lies a team of skilled managers who oversee operations, coordinate staff, and ensure a seamless shopping experience. This role provides a chance to learn about business strategy, inventory management, customer service, and team leadership. Aspiring young individuals can step into the shoes of retail managers and contribute to the growth and success of our chain. The process of running and managing retail outlets’ day-to-day activities surrounding the selling of goods and services to customers. 

Occupations: General Manager, Buyer, Merchandiser, Retail Loss Prevention, Store Manager, Supervisor, baker, butcher, fishmonger, cashier, barista.

3. Marketing 

Marketing orchestrates brand identity, tailors promotions, and analyses customer trends. It strategises digital and traditional campaigns, manages online presence, and introduces new products through engaging displays. Loyalty programmes and community initiatives build lasting customer relationships. By leveraging data, the team refines strategies and stays ahead of market shifts. This dynamic role shapes the supermarket’s image, fosters connections, and drives success in a competitive market.

Occupations: Marketing Specialist, Account Managers, Email campaign manager, Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Designer, SEO specialist, Campaign Manager, Content Creator

Customer Service: For those with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, customer service roles offer a chance to interact directly with customers, understand their needs, and assist them in finding the right products. This role not only hones communication abilities but also helps in building a strong foundation in customer relationship management.

Occupations: Customer Service Representative, Community Manager, CRM Manager, Customer Care Manager and Supervisor.

4. Supply Chain & Logistics 

The backbone of a successful retail chain is a well-organised supply chain. Those interested in operations and problem-solving can explore roles in supply chain management and logistics, ensuring products are efficiently sourced, transported, and delivered to stores. Managing the company’s supplies, materials and products. 

In a nutshell, by providing transport solutions, the Logistics team aids in problem-solving and crisis management. This means that strategic decisions are made in a cost-efficient manner to the financial benefit of the distribution centres and stores. Quick thinking, efficiency, as well as excellent customer relations and the synergy that exists with the supply chain team, are essential to supply end-to-end service within and outside the business. What this means is that your phone is always within reach should there be a crisis management issue that requires reactive or proactive action.

5. Finance and Accounting

Every business requires financial management. Those inclined towards numbers and analysis can explore careers in finance and accounting within the retail chain, helping to manage budgets, track expenses, and ensure the financial health of the business. The finance department keeps accurate records of all daily transactions and prepares financial reports.

Other tasks include: Processing invoices, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Creating and implementing financial policies to ensure operational efficiency. Overseeing the preparation, organisation, and planning of budgets. The Finance Team provides financial services and support to the FLM Group of companies.

Occupations: Chief Financial Officer, Accounts payable, Point of Sale, Debtors Clerk, Creditors Clerk, Treasury, Tax.

6. Information Technology (IT)

IT is the digital backbone that fuels efficiency and innovation. IT professionals oversee the technology systems crucial for seamless operations. They manage POS systems, inventory databases, and online platforms, ensuring smooth transactions and customer experiences. IT experts also strengthen cybersecurity to protect customer data and internal networks. From optimising supply chain logistics to enhancing the shopping interface, IT shapes our brand’s tech-driven presence. In a rapidly evolving retail landscape, IT in our supermarket brand paves the way for convenience, security, and future growth. Positions in IT generally involve managing and storing data using computers, software, databases, networks, and servers.

The Food Lover’s IT Department Team strives to serve the stores and distribution centres around the country and at our Head office and satellite offices with all their system needs. We have a vibrant diverse skilled team that comes to work every day to provide support and make our processes and systems a little better for everyone.

Occupations: IT Manager, Network Administrator, Systems Analyst, Software Developer, IT Support, Cyber security specialist, project manager.

Our People at Food Lover’s Market

Why work for Food Lover’s Market?

Working for Food Lover’s Market offers a host of compelling reasons that make it a rewarding and enriching career choice:

  1. **Vibrant Work Environment:** Food Lover’s Market fosters a dynamic and energetic atmosphere, creating an engaging workplace where employees feel motivated and enthusiastic.
  2. **Career Growth:** The company encourages professional development and offers opportunities for career advancement, allowing employees to grow within the organisation. Employees who have worked within the Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) sector are highly regarded as efficient workers.
  3. **Diverse Roles:** With a wide range of roles spanning from retail operations to marketing, logistics, and more, there’s a role that suits various skills and interests.
  4. **Employee Benefits:** Food Lover’s Market often provides competitive salary packages, employee discounts, and benefits that contribute to overall job satisfaction.
  5. **Innovation and Creativity:** The supermarket brand is known for its innovative approach, providing space for creative thinking and opportunities to contribute fresh ideas.
  6. **Community Engagement:** Food Lover’s Market frequently engages with local communities through charitable initiatives, contributing to a sense of purpose and social impact.
  7. **Training and Development:** The company invests in training and equipping employees with the necessary skills to excel in their roles and continuously improve.
  8. **Team Collaboration:** A collaborative team culture fosters a sense of camaraderie, creating a supportive network of colleagues.
  9. **Customer Interaction:** Interacting with customers allows employees to build relationships and play a direct role in enhancing their shopping experience.
  10. **Industry Experience:** Working for Food Lover’s Market provides valuable experience in the retail industry, equipping employees with transferable skills applicable in various fields.
  11. **Company Values:** Food Lover’s Market values include quality, integrity, and innovation, fostering an environment where employees align with these principles.
  12. **Flexible Roles:** With positions available in various departments and locations, employees can find roles that fit their preferences and lifestyle.
  13. **Health and Wellness:** The company often promotes health and wellness initiatives, contributing to a balanced and fulfilling work-life experience.
  14. **Recognition and Rewards:** Food Lover’s Market recognizes and appreciates employee contributions through various recognition programs and rewards.
  15. **Company Culture:** A positive and inclusive company culture promotes teamwork, diversity, and a sense of belonging.

We believe that it’s not just about value, it’s also about values. Values that include being able to put good, affordable food on your table for generations to come. Values that continue to uplift communities in South Africa. We embrace our responsibility to the environment and climate change. That includes helping you and your family to live a healthy, active lifestyle. 

In essence, Food Lover’s Market offers more than just a job; it provides an opportunity to be part of a vibrant and growing brand while gaining valuable skills and experiences that contribute to personal and professional growth. Join us on our journey to build a business that incorporates social and environmental sustainability in all we do. 

This is a learning journey, one that we look forward to sharing with our customers, our suppliers, our colleagues, and all our stakeholders so we can build a better, brighter future for us all.

Food Lover’s Market also offers opportunities to entrepreneurs, through our Seeds of Change  programme.

Food Lover’s Market puts community and social development at the heart of our business. We started the programme to identify small, local businesses who share these values, and incorporate these businesses into the Food Lover’s Market supply chain. We look for Social Enterprises – businesses that exist to make a difference in their communities by running profitable, sustainable, and purpose-driven organisations. The Seeds of Change Supplier Development Partnership is part of our focus on being the best store in each community. The goal is to source local small businesses, that have integrated social change at the heart of their operation.  The Seeds of Change Supplier Development Partnership seeks to find and empower suppliers that mirror our socially focused values and are motivated to deliver the best quality product or service.

Our Story

In 1993 Brian and Mike Coppin opened the first Fruit & Veg City store In Access Park, Cape Town. They launched one of the most incredible success stories South Africa has seen. The brothers’ journey continues to this day, with the two of them overseeing the rapid expansion of Food Lover’s Market to every corner of the country, and beyond. Having built their company on traditional family values such as trust, honesty and integrity, they now hold the honour of being South Africa’s undisputed leaders in fresh. Today, there are over 100 stores in South Africa and more in Southern Africa.

Origin story video  >>>

The Food Lover’s Market Journey

FLM’s Partnership with World Of Work

For the second year running, Food Lover’s Market joins hands with the FutureMe Foundation for the World of Week Career Festival. 🎉 We’re proud to announce our participation in this inspiring event, which opens doors for thousands of Grade 10 and 11 students from local high schools.

📅 Mark your calendars: August 2023 in Cape Town. The Durban festival will be in February 2024.
🔗 Event Link: Future Me World of Work

This unique opportunity allows these young minds to engage directly with Food Lover’s Market professionals and learn about the diverse array of career paths within our organization. 🚀 The retail industry holds countless avenues that many may not yet be aware of, and we’re here to shed light on the exciting possibilities!

From roles in our bustling stores to dynamic office positions in finance, marketing, and operational support teams, the spectrum of opportunities is both vast and exhilarating. 🛍️📊🖋️ Last year, we had eye-opening conversations with talented youth who were surprised to discover that Food Lover’s Market houses not just retail experts, but also accountants, IT whizzes, and even lawyers!

In a world brimming with boundless potential, we’re thrilled to connect with these vibrant young individuals, sharing tales of growth and achievements from our very own colleagues’ journeys. As a proudly South African, family-run enterprise, our interactions extend beyond customers to the communities we cherish and the colleagues we hope to inspire in the future. 💙🇿🇦

We eagerly anticipate the upcoming expos, where we’ll engage with these enthusiastic, future-forward minds. Their energy fuels our excitement for the bright future of Food Lover’s Market and the remarkable journey that lies ahead for South Africa. 🌍🤝

The expos take place in Cape Town in August 2023 as well as in Durban in February 2024. We can’t wait to chat with these highly energised and excited youngsters, who make us excited for the future of Food Lovers Market and South Africa too.”  Kate Marais – CSI Facilitator

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