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Fontignac Knife Set Terms and Conditions



  • You can obtain a Fontignac collector card at the tills of any Food Lover’s Market Store or Food Lover’s Eatery in South Africa and Namibia (“Participating Store”).
  • You will receive one Fontignac sticker for every R100 spent at a Participating Store.
  • Affix your Fontignac sticker to your collector card, once you have collected 10 Fontignac stickers you will be able to purchase one Fontignac product that forms part of the campaign range at a discounted price. The discount will differ depending on what type of Fontignac product you choose.
  • If you do not want to participate in this promotion, you can buy Fontignac Products from the range available in-store at the retail price.
  • Stickers may be collected from Participating Stores from the 29th of April 2024 until the 29th of September 2024. Completed collector cards must be redeemed before the 13th of October 2024.
  • Stickers will ONLY be issued at the time of the completion of your transaction and may NOT be claimed at a later time or date.
  • Third-party purchase transactions regarding airtime, utility bills and lottery tickets are excluded from qualifying for stickers.
  • You can purchase the discounted Fontignac Products by handing in your completed collector card to a cashier at any Participating Store.
  • You will NOT be able to hand in a collector card for redemption if such card is in any way altered, amended, defaced or photocopied or if it does not bear the required number of official stickers issued by a Participating Store.
  • Purchased Fontignac products may not be returned or exchanged for another Fontignac product/s.
  • This promotion is exclusive to Participating Stores.
  • The four Fontignac Completer Products, the peeler, sharpening steel, kitchen shears and knife block, will only be available for purchase for the initial 12 weeks of the campaign and will no longer be available for purchase after the 14th of July 2024
  • The stock of Fontignac Products is limited.
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