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A feast for your eyes

We put together a simple step-by-step method to carve a chicken and get the perfect cut from your chicken. 

Comment below if you will be making use of these steps. 🔪

#foodloversmarket #fontignac #cuttingedgesavings
It’s that TIME of the year at Food Lover’s Market – WINTER CARNIVAL. 🎪🎉

Make sure to stay tune for more information about this amazing promotion – nationwide.

#foodloversmarket #bestinfresh #wintercarnival
M'zanzi it's about that time - #10BuckTuesday 🚨🚨
Visit our website for more deals 
Valid 16 July 2024 - ONE DAY ONLY

#foodloversmarket #10BuckTuesday #deals
Its Maluma Hass avo season! 🥑

This thick, pebbly dark green, shiny skin that turns purple-black once ripe. The flesh has a rich nutty taste.

#addanavo #didyouknow #halumahaass"
Introducing the Dan Vita crisp bread range; exclusive to Food Lovers. 🥖✨ Experience an unbelievable crispy CRUNCH in every bite. Perfect for lunch or a sophisticated cheese board, Dan Vita crackers are filled with flavour.

Dan Vita values natural and healthy food. The range is organic and made without food additive and preservatives. 🌿
Choose from Beetroot, Carrot, Sesame, Cheese, Tomato & Basil, and Olive & Garlic varieties.

Find them only at Food Lover’s Market. 🌟

#foodloversmarket #experiencewholesome #danvita #exclusive #Organic
The Power of Vitamin C! 🍊🍋🍈

From boosting your immune system with vitamin C to adding a burst of flavor to your dishes, citrus fruits are a must-have in your daily diet. They’re not only delicious but also packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients that promote overall health.
Looking for a quick and easy weeknight meal that's both delicious and nutritious? Look no further than our Herby Lentil prepacked soup. Just add the wet ingredients and then you good to go.

#foodloversmarket #bestinfresh #souprecipe #reels
What is a real shopping experience? Is it checking items off a rumpled list? Or is it just a chore? 

No, no, no… 

A real shopping experience is in the senses… It’s being greeted by a range of endless variety. It’s in the friendly faces that greet you in every aisle. It is the value of everything you buy. It’s in the bag you take home… It’s in every meal you create and in every memory you make. 

Food Lover’s Market – It’s in the experience.

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