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Bobotie Vetkoek Bites


As South Africans, we love snacks and phenomenal finger foods. Getting together with food is part of our culture. Crispy and golden on the outside, Warm and fluffy on the inside, we do LOVE a vetkoek! The combination of vetkoek and a spicy mince is the perfect flavour balance. Vetkoek is a fried dough and is also known as Amagwinya. Often, vetkoek is served as a bread roll size and filled with a mince or filling of choice, like these curried mince vetkoeks. In this vetkoek recipe, we decided to fill the dough with a sweet, spicy bobotie mince before frying them, which gives you vetkoek bites that are perfect for a snack board. Served with a fruit chutney of course (another South African favourite.)

Prep time
25 minutes
Cooking time
40 minutes

Additional Notes

Can I fry vetkoek without the mince filling?

Yes, you can. Fry the vetkoek dough, and fill them afterwards with your choice of filling. We recommend a mince or lentil curry filling. Here is a traditional way to eat vetkoek. 

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