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Bulletproof Cup of Chia Coffee


The most satisfying thing about a creme brulee is cracking through that sugar topping into a creamy delicious pudding. If you agree, then you should try the magic chocolate shell! 2 simple ingredients for a chocolate topping that hardens on top of the cold dessert underneath, in this case, we’ve put it on top of a delicious coffee chia pudding, inspired by Thor.

Chia seeds are packed full of protein, antioxidants, and omega 3s. This coffee chia pudding in a mug tastes marvelous and gives you a good burst of energy too.

If you want to make this for the kids, you will need to use decaf or leave out the caffeine. You may WANT to make it for the kids, it’s a fun and healthy dessert for them to enjoy, especially using their ‘hammer of Thor’ to crack into it.

*See note about preparation time. 

Prep time
5 minutes

Additional Notes

NOTE on cooking/preparation time – you need to soak the chia pudding for at least 1 hour, or overnight. 

‘NICE’ Cream Magic Shell Edition:

If you’re not one for a chia pudding, then you can make a 3-ingredient ‘nice’ cream instead of the chia pudding. All you need to do is blend up 1 cup frozen banana with 1 Tbsp Plant-based milk & 1 Tbsp brewed coffee, & a touch of vanilla extract.

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