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Butter Rusks – 1 recipe, 3 Ways


A South African fave, rusks dunked in a cuppa tea or coffee…yes, please! There is something extra specials about homemade rusks, especially when you can add your own unique touch (ie: flavour). This is a simple butter rusk recipe & you can add your favourite flavours, from rolled whole oats, to mixed seeds, mixed nuts, a generous dose of raisins/cranberries, or perhaps an interesting Chai spiced?!

You can even use the base butter rusk recipe, split it up into 3 and make 3 different varieties of rusks. They get baked in a tray and cut into rustic fingers to be dried in the oven.

Drying time: 4 hours 

Prep time
30 minutes
Cooking time
4 hours 25 minutes
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