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Cheesy Orzo Stuffed Peppers


This super cheesy warm dish is perfect for the cooler weather that is upon us. These orzo stuffed peppers are simple, vegetarian, and SO GOOD. Roasted peppers stuffed with a creamy cashew and coconut orzo, topped with cheese, fresh basil and chilli flakes and lightly grilled again.

The pepper cups can be made as a vegetarian side dish or be eaten as a meal on their own.

Prep time
20 minutes
Cooking time
40 minutes

Additional Notes

Do I have to boil or cook the peppers before stuffing them?

Some recipes do not call for this, but this recipe calls for roasting the peppers first, otherwise, they may end up too crunchy/raw.

What is Orzo?

Orzo (or Risoni) is a type of pasta, that is the shape of a long grain of rice. Orzo is traditionally made from flour, but it can also be made of whole grain. It is often made with semolina, a type of flour made from durum wheat.

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