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Chocolate Avocado Tart


If cauliflower can become pizza, and black beans can become brownies, then avocado can become a tart right!?

Chocolate and Avocado actually make a really great pair, try it before you turn your nose up. Avocado is a high fat, and you can use it as a healthier alternative fat in baking too. We’ve also made avocado brownies and an avocado chocolate mousse…so we know the combo works! Make this, and once your guests tell you it’s delicious…let them know it’s made out of avos.

This recipe makes 1 x 25cm x 3cm fluted tart 


Prep time
30 minutes
Cooking time
2 hours

Additional Notes

To make this tart vegan replace the butter in the crust with coconut oil and the honey with maple syrup.

Do you want to make this a healthier and/or Gluten-free chocolate avocado tart? 

Replace the choc chip cookies in the base with gluten-free cookies, or use rolled oats, or use almond flour instead of cookies and add a touch of honey or coconut sugar.

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