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Creamy Mushroom Risotto with Green Beans


Risotto (an Italian rice dish using Arborio rice) is often a favourite at a restaurant, especially because many people don’t make it at home, or you’re a bit scared to try. This is because it’s not just a “throw it in a pan” kind of dish, it takes a little bit of love but if you follow the recipe it’s easy, and well worth it. It has a rep for being hard to make, and long-cooking, but that’s not the case, you could make it in 15 minutes once you’ve tried it. You need to be involved, so you can’t just pop it on the stove and leave it for 30 minutes whilst you do something else.

How to start making risotto? First things first; when we make risotto, we have a glass of wine in hand, some music and have some company to chat to. Step 2 > follow this deliciously creamy risotto recipe with mushrooms, green beans and parmesan crisps.

So get your ‘vino’, the ingredients and get cooking.

Prep time
20 minutes
Cooking time
30 minutes

Additional Notes

Avoid making some common risotto mistakes > use these tips to ensure you get the risotto perfect:

  • Choose a pot that fits your burner perfectly so that you get even heat on the base of the pot. (not too big)
  • Use the right rice. You can find Arborio rice (risotto rice) at Food Lover’s Market stores. When adding the rice to the sautéed onions take time to “toast” the rice while stirring. Before adding the wine.
  • Use hot stock. (Use the microwave to heat up the stock if you have to; whatever you do, DO NOT add cold stock!)
  • Add the stock slowly, do not add it all at once.
  • Keep stirring, don’t over stir, but don’t under stir. Sound complex, but Bon Appetit explains it perfectly: “Stirring the rice constantly will add air into the risotto, cooling it down and making it gluey. But if you don’t stir enough, the rice will stick to the bottom and burn. Agitating the rice is important because risotto’s creaminess comes from the starch generated when grains of rice rub against each other. So stir it often, but feel free to give your arms (and the rice) a break”
  • If adding vegetables (apart from the mirepoix in the beginning) make sure that they are cooked, and added once the rice is done.
  • Serve it hot. Have your serving bowls ready to serve the risotto when it’s done!
  • Add butter or your favourite cheese at the end.

How do you know when the Risotto is ready?

The risotto is ready when the texture of the risotto is just the other side of al dente — soft with a little tiny bit of crunch/bite. It should not be mushy or starchy.

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