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Dukkah Crumbed Avocado with a Prawns and Tahini Salad


Dukkah, avocado, prawns and tahini…some of our favourite things all in one, this recipe has bountiful in flavour, and is texturally balanced with creamy avocado, paired with the crunch of dukkah, prawns and fresh cucumber and tomatoes. Not only texturally balanced, but this meal is nutritious with light protein, healthy fat, spice and fresh veggies.

This recipe is also a super simple way to include a bit of seafood in your weekly meal plan. It is also a low-carb recipe. For those who want a little carbs, you can pair it with some sweet potato chips, or a refreshing grain like quinoa, cous cous bulgar wheat.

Prep time
15 minutes
Cooking time
15 minutes

Additional Notes

Can I substitute the prawns for another protein?

Of course! Whilst we LOVE these little bites of protein, you can substitute the prawns for your protein of choice. We recommend chicken fillet pieces, chickpeas or black beans, Fry’s plant-based prawn-style pieces.

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