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Ethiopian Coffee Mousse with Butterscotch Banana and Coffee Tuile


Did you know that Ethiopia is one of the top coffee producers in Africa? We’re celebrating their amazing coffee flavours with an elegant dessert (a modern fusion); Ethiopian coffee mousse. What is more decadent than a rich coffee flavour topped with dark caramel and smooth, sweet banana? Topped off with a crisp coffee tuile. Try this coffee mousse recipe.

Prep time
1 hour
Cooking time
2 hours 30 minutes

Additional Notes

*The cooking time is 30 minutes, with 2 hours to leave the mousse to set.

What if I don’t have Ethiopian Coffee?

  • Simply substitute the ethiopian coffee with another local African coffee of choice. ie: Uganda, Congo, Malawi etc.

Can I have this without the banana butterscotch?

  • Of course! We do recommend the butterscotch sauce, but if you don’t like bananas then leave them out the sauce, or you can enjoy a plain coffee mousse with no sauce.

You can replace the coffee tuile with a few crushed nuts for crunch.

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