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Festive Cheese Board


A simple cheese board, using cheeses and savoury items that are regularly on promotion, to create a statement at your next gathering. It’s quick and easy and keeps dishes to a minimum.

Additional Notes

Notes to create a yummy cheese board

Putting together the perfect cheese board is easy! Ideally, you want 3-5 different kinds of cheeses. Combine different styles, textures and colours. Start off with one soft-ripened (Camembert), one hard and one blue.  Add your bread or crackers, as a base. Finally, you want to balance the flavours of your cheese board, with something sweet to complement the tart.

Budget tips:

Exchange the pistachios and pecans for almonds or peanuts. Trade the parma ham for a different cured ham from our butcher, or add biltong.

Cheese and Wine Pairings

Enjoy The Wolftrap range of red, white or rose. To make it even more festive, you can add a Thomp & Scott Skinny Prosecco for some bubbles. Take a look at this blog on Wine and Food Pairings.

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