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Grilled Masala Pineapple


This chilli pineapple will be the best side dish at your next braai gathering! A classic favourite amongst our Durbanites, chilli pineapple or grilled masala pineapple – the perfect combination for a refreshing snack in the summer sunshine. They also make a great appetizer before a braai or on a snack platter.  The grilled pineapple offers a smoky sweet sensation, and masala gives it that delicious spicy hit. If the chilli is a bit hot, you can dip these in a yoghurt dip with a squeeze of lime.

You can grill the pineapple, or enjoy it as fresh pieces with chilli flakes. If you can’t get skewer sticks, simply use braai tongs and serve in a dish.

Prep time
15 minutes
Cooking time
15 minutes
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