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Health Connection Wholefoods Green Superfood Smoothie


Fuel yourself the right way with this delicious green superfood smoothie. It may be green, but don’t be put off, the flavours work perfectly and is packed with nutrients from Health Connection Wholefoods superfood mixes and fresh ingredients from Food Lover’s Market.

Your World will flow much better when you start your day with a wholesome vibrant breakfast! Find more wholesome smoothie recipes here. 

Prep time
10 minutes

Additional Notes

  • Where can I buy Health Connection Wholefoods ingredients?
    • You can find a range of Health Connection Wholefoods at the health aisle or department in Food Lover’s Market stores
  • Where can I buy You First products?
    • You First is the Food Lover’s Market in-house health range. You can also find it in the health department at Food Lover’s Market stores or you can order it online and get delivery exclusively with Untangl. Health.


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