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Kimchi & Beef Noodle Stir fry – by Stir Crazy Cooking School


A homemade kimchi is a great addition to your simple beef stir-fry. A Food Lover’s Veg Combo is perfect to create your own stir-fry mix, paired with slivers of Food Lover’s Signature Sirloin and you have a wholesome, nutritious bowl of goodness! Thanks to Chef Brett from Stir Crazy Cooking School!

For the Homemade Kimchi Recipeclick here!

Prep time
20 minutes
Cooking time
10 minutes

Additional Notes

*You can pour the drained Kimchi liquid back into the Kimchi.
*Replace Beef with mushrooms or another Vegan protein of choice.

Download and print the recipe for your recipe file thanks to Stir Crazy Cooking School: Click here!

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