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Mariette’s Easy Microwave Milk Tart


What’s not to love about an easy microwave milk tart? All South Africans love a milk tart, and all non-south Africans who have tried a milk tart always want a good recipes for it to take back home! So this is an easy microwave milk tart recipe. With a buttery crumbed base, that smooth creamy filling and cinnamon on top, it offers a lovely balance of flavours and textures.

Mariette’s milk tart is even more special as we celebrate our South African heritage because we ran a competition amongst our team to get their family favourites. Mariette is a cashier from our store in Vanderbijl Park and we can’t wait for you to try her recipe.

Once you have the milk tart base down you can also top it with fruit, to create a different dish like this fruit tart recipe.

Prep time
30 minutes
Cooking time
12 minutes

Additional Notes

  • Best tin: Use 1 x 30 cm fluted tin.
  • Crush Power: A food processor or blender is a great way to achieve finely crushed tennis/coconut biscuits for the crust.
  • Melted Magic: Use melted butter to bind the biscuit crumbs together for a sturdy crust.
  • Press and Chill: Press the biscuit crumbs firmly into the tart shell and chill it in the freezer to set for a perfect crust.
  • Design: The traditional patterns are easily created with a crochet or paper doily
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