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Orange Meringue Tart


When life hands you oranges…this orange meringue tart is just what you need to make! A buttery shortcrust base with a beautiful orange curd filling, and that fluffy meringue, brúleèd to perfection.  What’s not to love about a meringue tart? A sweet orange curd used freshly squeezed orange juice and orange pulp…you may need to grab that whole pocket of oranges and get baking! 
This orange meringue tart is the ultimate winter indulgence that anyone will love. Lemons are out, oranges are in!
Save this, you’ll want to try this recipe…VERY SOON, if not right now!
This recipe makes 1x

Prep time
40 minutes
Cooking time
40 minutes

Additional Notes

What does ‘blind bake’ mean?

Blind baking is a culinary term for the process of pre-baking a pie crust or tart shell before the filling is added.

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