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Plant-Based Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches


Carrot Cake inspired Cookies that are vegan-friendly and refund sugar-free, plus they have added protein from a pea protein flour, and are gluten-free. These delicious carrot cookies are filled with a ‘creamy’ cashew icing. The perfect plant-based treat for any day!

Prep time
45 minutes
Cooking time
15 minutes

Additional Notes

Unsweetened Apple Sauce:

  • Make your own or try this sugar-free apple sauce recipe:
  • If you do not have time to make an apple sauce buy a tin of unsweetened pie apples and blend until smooth!

If you don’t want the cream cheese, simply enjoy them as cookies. This recipe will make 12 cookies.

Sugar-Free & Egg-Free Baking Tip: To avoid using eggs in baking you can use apple sauce as a substitute – this helps with the binding process and as a sweetener.

What can I substitute for Xylitol?

You don’t have to use xylitol, this is just a sugar-free alternative to refined sugar. You can substitute the xylitol with unrefined cane sugar, coconut blossom sugar or regular refined sugar.

What if I don’t have gluten-free oats or flour?

If you are not living a gluten-free lifestyle, then you can use regular rolled oats and cake flour instead of a gluten-free flour.

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