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Raw Chocolate Avocado Mini Cheesecakes


No baking needed, say hello to your new favourite cheesecake, with a secret ingredient..Avocado! Avocado in cheesecake? No one will even notice…apart from the lush creamy texture it provides. This is a  raw chocolate avocado mousse cake recipe (well mini cakes).  These cheesecakes are indulgent, with some added nutrients too! An almond, academia and date base, filled with a creamy avocado cream cheese mousse blend. This recipe is full of healthy fats, egg-free and gluten-free.

Setting time: 3 hours or overnight

Makes 8-10 mini cheesecakes

Prep time
3 hours 30 minutes

Additional Notes

This high-fat and high-protein dessert can be made into a banting version, just check what you need to substitute.

For those who want to make this healthier, leave out the speckled eggs and try it with sugar-free chocolate.

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