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Spicy Mussels with Chorizo in a Creamy White Wine Sauce


A warm hearty meal is perfect in the winter as well as being a light Summer meal?  Spicy mussels submerged in white wine sauce! Impress your Masterchef friends by taking your mussels in a creamy white wine sauce to new heights with the addition of chorizo & spices.

Mussels are highlighted in this recipe and are brought together with chorizo, white wine, chili, peas, harissa paste, and a hint of cream. One of the best parts of a mussel dish is dipping a crisp piece of french loaf into that flavoursome sauce…so don’t forget to enjoy some freshly baked artisan-style bread with this recipe.

Enjoy this recipe with a glass of white wine.

Additional Notes

*Homemade Harissa Paste:

If you cannot get store-bought Harissa, you can make your own Harissa paste in advance. Click here for a homemade Harissa recipe. 

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