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Spicy Tuna Lettuce Cups


A super easy and wholesome way to enjoy your tuna mayo; roll it in a lettuce cup! Fresh, easy Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps are your new best friend for lunchtime! This recipe has a homemade spicy sauce that you will love. These tuna lettuce cups can also be rolled into a lettuce wrap, plus it’s a low-carb and healthy meal.

Prep time
20 minutes

Additional Notes

What does ’emulsified’ mean?

To emulsify something is to make into or become emulsion, which is when you combine (and emulsify) two immiscible liquids (liquids which do not ordinarily mix easily). The ingredients are usually a fat or an oil.   For example, when you put oil and water together, they remain separate; so a vigorous whisking is used to combine these ingredients until uniform / emulsified. In cooking, liquids or liquid-like ingredients are emulsified in order to make sauces with a smooth consistency. When the two liquids are shaken or blended, the oil separates and droplets of the oil are dispersed throughout the vinegar to form a mixture known as an emulsion.
Some examples of emulsification in cooking: Hollandaise and Mayonnaise, Aioli, Margarine, Salad Dressings.

  • mustard helps to emulsify a vinaigrette
  • egg and oil emulsify to make mayonnaise
  • oil and vinegar are emulsified to make a vinaigrette.

What if my spicy sauce splits? Fixing Broken Emulsions

Emulsions can sometimes split or separate if you combine them too quickly. In general, you should add a teaspoon of water and whisk the mixture, or blend it in a blender, until it becomes smooth again. To fix a broken egg-based emulsion (such as mayonnaise), you will need to start with making the sauce again in a separate dish, and then slowly add the broken emulsion; this should rescue the sauce.

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