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Thai Prawn Curry


Do you know what makes a curry that much more delicious? A homemade curry paste! This Thai prawn curry recipe uses a homemade curry paste made up of the Best In Fresh ingredients including lemongrass, coriander, ginger and other aromatic spices. Make a batch and store it in the fridge, to make this curry quick and easy next time you make it. The combination of this fragrant flavourful curry pasta, with tasty coconut cream, fresh vegetables and prawns is so satisfying. A refreshing cucumber relish adds the difference to this curry.

This Thai prawn curry is a wholesome weeknight meal to enjoy with the family. Serve it with jasmine rice and this refreshing cucumber relish.

Prep time
25 minutes
Cooking time
35 minutes

Additional Notes

Can I substitute the prawns?

Yes, you can substitute the prawns with chicken, tofu, or extra vegetables.

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