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Traditional Christmas Turkey


A classic roast turkey recipe, simply stuffed with onion, carrots, celery, sage, and thyme and roasted to perfection. This turkey recipe is super easy, especially if you’re not up for making stuffing, it’s a no-fuss, fool-proof turkey. This Christmas we’re all about the sides, and these Brussel sprouts may just be your new favourite festive side! Butter and bacon make these Brussels moreish! PS: Save the juices! After the turkey is finished cooking there will be juice and browned cooked bits at the bottom of your roasting pan. You can reserve all of it for a delicious gravy.

Prep time
1 hour 15 minutes
Cooking time
3 hours

Additional Notes

What can I make with leftover turkey?

How do I make turkey stuffing?

The stuffing and glaze can easily be made in advance, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the festivities. If you’re looking for a stuffed turkey recipe, you should try this Christmas stuffing in an orange marmalade roast turkey recipe.

Can I put a turkey on the braai?

Yes, you can! Pete Goffe-Wood created a lekker braaied turkey recipe served with sweet mango and mango salsa and a potato porchetta salad. Yes, mango and turkey make a terrific pair!


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