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Winter Tanghulu


Who’s in for fruit candy? Some may call it a Fruit Brulee? The crackly, sugary shell coats the bright, fresh fruits. Tanghulu is another one of those recipes made more popular on TikTok, so we thought we would try out this viral recipe, probably because it is so easy to make! The original Tanghulu is a Chinese snack, traditionally using Hawthorn (a fruit).  Whilst many videos use strawberries, we’re all in for the fresh winter fruits! This winter fruit Tanghulu uses seasonal fruits like oranges, naartjies and guavas, which are coated in sugar syrup. Have putting together this easy, sweet snack.

For those who have a sweet tooth, this recipe is just the thing to satisfy that!

Prep time
10 minutes
Cooking time
20 minutes

Additional Notes

What if I do not have a sugar thermometer?

*TIP – If you do not have a sugar thermometer and would like to check if the sugar has reached the correct temperature, dip a wooden skewer into the sugar syrup and then dip into a bowl of ice water, if the sugar sets and cracks when pressed you know it’s ready.

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