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Yoghurt Custard Toast


We love these trending TikTok recipes they are always fun to try, plus we get to make our own version of them! This time, it’s the yoghurt custard toast; we’d say it’s almost like a baked french toast. A mixture of yoghurt and egg is placed on top of an indented slice of bread and baked. Important to note, that the quality of bread can make this recipe really epic, which is why our recipe uses the delish cranberry nut and rye bread fresh from our bakery, with added cinnamon and topped with fresh summer berries. We’d also give this a go with a beautiful sourdough or Ouma brood!

This custard toast is also less messy alternative to french toast or pancakes when spoiling your loved one, or for the kids! Just 3 ingredients, plus some toppings, and it’s ready!

Prep time
10 minutes
Cooking time
12 minutes
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