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Supporting small-scale seafood suppliers


Supporting local, small-scale farmers to feed our customers

Food Lover’s Market is passionate about supporting local producers that have smaller-scale operations so that we can assist them in growing their businesses and ensure that we provide our customers with local and lekker products.

In line with our ethos, our Fish department works hard to get the best quality fish that is locally sourced, fully-traceable and has zero tolerance on sustainability. To achieve these standards, they are constantly searching for better and greater fish suppliers that are able to improve our offering to customers as the ‘Best in Fresh’. Food Lover’s Market are SASSI retail partners, which means we are committed to having a positive impact on South African seafood industry, by stocking the right products.

The latest example of this is when they introduced a new ‘whole-shell mussel’ line to the in-store fish offering, which is sourced from Saldanha Bay in the Western Cape. The mussels come from a small-scale fishery and comply with all the standards that we would like to achieve. As Roelof Brink, our Head of Fish, says, “This is the best mussel you will ever taste. So please give it a try when you get the chance”.

Earth Lovers is proud to have such a dedicated Fish department in our brand that looks for suppliers that have the same values as us.


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