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Vredenburg Feeding Initiative


Through our Earth Lovers programme, Food Lover’s Market is on course to contribute towards nearly 1,5million meals to hungry people this year! This is an incredible effort and our team have worked with store managers to set up relationships with charities so that we are able to provide meals to those who most need it. Food Lovers Market would like to extend our thanks to all of of those involved in this project: your generosity is having a significant impact on thousands of people’s lives

This month’s focus is on Siyabonga, and specifically their Early Childhood Development programme they run in Vredenburg. Pikanini currently schools 75 preschool children, 15 of whom are mentally and physically challenged, from the most vulnerable families. For these children, the food received at school is the only food they will eat that day.

This school is supported by the Food Lovers Market store in Vredenburg, managed by James Davis. The monthly donation of fresh fruit and veggies ensure that these 75 children receive fresh produce, vital for their early development, that they would not otherwise have access to. It also ensures that the funds that are received by Siyabonga from other sources can be directed to their core programmes knowing that the children are catered for in terms of their nutrition.

The impact that the Food Lovers Market Earth Lovers program has on this community is immense and there is so much more we can do. To find out more about Earth Lovers and the projects Food Lover’s Market support, get in touch by emailing

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