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5 Tips for the perfect roast chicken every time


Roast chicken – it’s supposed to be easy and simple, but so satisfying. If you’re new it, read some of our tips and practice a few times. Once you’ve got it down, it will be well worth it. Roast chicken works for occasions or family dinners topped with gravy or served cold on platters for picnics. The best part is there is often some left for tomorrow’s chicken mayo sandwiches. Get the perfect roast chicken every time, where carving is a breeze as it falls off the bone. Here are our top tips:

  1. Insulate the breast
    Be sure to get some of the stuffing, oil or butter and herbs you are using right under the skin by the chicken breast to keep it moist during cooking.
  2. Start cooking with the breast side down
    This allows the juices to collect in the breast meat and then slowly redistribute when you filp it back for the second half of the cooking, but leaving enough to keep the white meat tender.
  3. Don’t overcook it!
    For best results use a meat thermometer to know when your roast chicken is just right. If you don’t have a thermometer, pierce the chicken and if the juices run clear (no streak of colour) then it is done. Overcooked will leave the chicken dry.
  4. Leave it rest – Wait for at least 15 minutes before cutting, for the meat to retain moisture.
  5. One final Pro tip, cook the chicken from room temperature for an even roast, 30 minutes out the fridge prior to roasting should do it.

If it is a recipe you’re after, try this Perfect Sunday Roast Pot Roast Chicken recipe with roasted vegetables.

Bonus Tip – Roast Chicken on the Weber!

Cut up some lemon slices and place them down onto the Weber on indirect heat – then place the chicken on top of the slices. So the slices form a base layer for the chicken. Also put a lemon/oranges inside the chicken, season the chicken, and cook on indirect heat, with the lid closed for about 1.5 hours.

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