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Daily Active Eating For Men


If you’re training then this is just for you! Thanks to Kelly Schreuder, Registered Dietician & Private Chef, we’ve got a great meal plan for you to help you along the way – ensuring that you’ve got plenty of fuel to keep you sustained.



Example 1

½ cup granola with oats, nuts and seeds

1 cup fruit salad e.g. papaya and blueberries

1 cup plain yoghurt with 1-2 tsp honey

Example 2

1 ½ cups oats cooked in 1 cup milk plus water

1 banana

1-2 tsp. honey

1-2 boiled eggs, eaten alone or 2 tbsp plain whey protein powder stirred into oats

Example 3

2 slices whole grain toast

2 tbsp peanut butter

2 tsp. honey or jam

1 cup plain yoghurt with 1-2 tsp. honey

1 cup fruit salad e.g. pear, raspberries and melon



2 slices whole wheat bread with peanut butter 1 cup fruit salad

1 cup plain yoghurt

1-2 tsp. honey

¼ cup chopped raw nuts

2 brown rice cakes

¼ cup cottage cheese

1 banana



2 cups whole wheat pasta or brown rice with 1 cup lentil or beef bolognaise

Salad with 2 tsp. olive oil

30g cheese

1 whole wheat wrap or sandwich with tuna or chicken, avocado and salad


2 cups veg soup including barley/lentils

1 cup chickpeas and 1 cup brown rice or whole wheat cous cous, made into a salad with any veg e.g. red pepper, cucumber, rocket, celery etc. 2 tsp. olive oil in dressing and 30g feta cheese


12 mini rice cakes or crackers with hummus


1 banana

Coffee with milk e.g. large latte or cappuccino (decaf or red espresso optional if you prefer to avoid caffeine)

1 large latte or a glass of milk


1 bran and carrot muffin

Fruit smoothie made with 1 banana and ½ cup berries (or any other fruit), 1 cup milk or yoghurt and 1 tsp. honey


1 cup mashed butternut or sweet potato

Hand-sized thin fillet of fish, grilled

Up to 2 cups of any vegetables or salad

2-3 tsp. olive oil for cooking

1 cup poached apple with cinnamon and yoghurt for dessert

Palm-sized piece of steak (try venison or ostrich) either cut up into strips and served with mixed stir-fried vegetables and a cup of brown rice or wholegrain noodles OR cooked as a steak and served with 8 boiled baby potatoes and a large salad with some steamed green beans 1 large potato – roasted in wedges with olive oil and rosemary

1 cup rice

2 roast chicken thighs

Up to 2 cups of any vegetables or salad

2-3 tsp. olive oil for cooking

2 squares of good quality, very dark chocolate as a treat

Additional fuel/recovery example Pre-training


If you have not eaten recently and you need a boost, grab a carbohydrate-based snack e.g. a banana, a slice of toast or a small energy bar

During training >1 hour at high intensity


Maintain your fuel availability with easily-digestible carbohydrate sources e.g. a sports beverage or energy bar, taken in small amounts every 15-20 minutes

Recovery snack


If you don’t have a meal ready within an hour after you finish training, add a simple protein and carbohydrate snack e.g. a whey protein shake or a glass of milk with some plain whey stirred in and a banana



Cross training e.g. weights Does not necessarily require extra fuel or snacks, but a recovery snack might be helpful if your meals are not planned around your session.
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