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Fatso Boerewors


On 05 March 2024, we agreed to allow FATSO Boerewors to continue trading at Food Lover’s Market Bothasig, with the understanding that Mr Mason will have to become compliant. Since then, we have further engaged him in meeting the minimum legal standards for food safety and occupational health necessary to maintain his business on our property, providing Mr Mason ample time to become compliant.

Mr Mason has also requested a permanent structure. However, we cannot fulfil Mr Mason’s request as neither the landlord nor Food Lover’s Market has any obligation to provide a structure, which would also involve significant structural, administrative and financial commitments such as municipal approvals. While Mr Mason has made mention of an agreement with a store manager, it’s important to note that no store manager has the authority to approve expensive structural modifications on behalf of Food Lover’s Market or the landlord.

Food Lover’s Market has a long history of being supportive of small and up-and-coming businesses, which is evidenced by how accommodating we have been in allowing FATSO Boerewors to continue trading. However, there’s always a cost of doing business. While we are happy for Mr Mason to continue trading at the store, we also have to be mindful that we can only support requests that are reasonable and compliant.

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