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Feel the Heat with Chuck Chilli (our Seeds of Change Supplier)


Some like it hot, some like it mild…whichever way you like it, National Chilli Day is the perfect excuse for spicy food fans to indulge in some heat! To celebrate the day, we caught up with the owner of Chuck Chilli, our 2021 FLM Seeds of Change Supplier Development Programme finalist and FLM supplier, Boikano Sikwane.

Since being announced as a finalist of the FLM Seeds of Change Supplier Development Programme, how has your business grown?  

The growth for us has been multifaceted. Our customer base grew just from the product being on the shelves of Food Lover’s Market countrywide. We now have customers from all over the country and that has been magnificent for us. We have moved to a bigger space, and we are having production days more frequently than before. We have also improved our internal systems, so we run a much more efficient factory.

How has your product been welcomed by customers?  

The product has been moving well, if we consider the repeat orders we have been receiving. The first-year sales numbers are on the upward trend month-on-month, which is what we all love to see. We get a lot of positive direct feedback, from calls to mails, where customers are loving the unique taste and texture. They alert us when they don’t find the product on the shelves, which tells us that they love it and it’s becoming a staple in their pantries.

Why should Food Lover’s feel proud of selling Chuck Chilli?

They should feel proud because it’s not only a great product, but the growth of the business is also greatly connected to Food Lover’s Market. As a business we are very proud to be part of the Food Lover’s Market Programme.

What difference does Chuck Chilli make to the community it serves?

Youth employment remains to be at the heart of our business. We are grateful for the orders that allow us to have consistent work for our employees. The skills and training they get through the different training initiatives that we have from time to time, has given them confidence in the food safety as well as food retail space.

In celebration of National Chilli Day, what is your favourite chilli-inspired recipe/dish?

The original chakalaka recipe. Adding a tablespoon or more of Chuck Chilli at the end of the cooking process elevates any chakalaka from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s guaranteed to be a hit at any braai!


Our 2023 FLM Seeds of Change Supplier Development Programme kicks off in March, and we can’t wait to see the selection of proudly South African producers vying to join our amazing group of suppliers.

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