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FLM Office Protocol


For those employees who are not able to work from home and therefore continue to come into the Head office, we have implemented strict Covid-19 safety protocols to ensure the safety of these employees, including the following:

  1. As already mentioned, we have limited the number of employees present at our Head Office at any one time, thus allowing for greater spacing amongst those employees who are still working from our Head Office.
  2. We thoroughly screen all employees on arrival at work and any employees who are displaying symptoms associated with Covid-19 are not allowed to enter the building.
  3. We have erected physical barriers between all work stations and installed additional IT equipment to allow for better spacing.
  4. All work surfaces and common areas are cleaned and sanitised on a daily basis. In the event that an employee becomes unwell while at work, a professional cleaning company is called in to conduct a deep clean of the area of the Head Office occupied by such employee.
  5. In the event that an employee test positive for Covid-19, all close contacts of the employee are identified and, if they are present at the Head Office, sent home to self-isolate for a period of 10 days from the last contact with the employee that tested positive. Employees who are close contacts may only return to work once they have completed their 10 days of self-isolation and provided they are not displaying any symptoms associated with Covid-19. A professional cleaning company is also called in, to deep clean the area of the Head Office occupied by the employee if deemed necessary.
  6. We continue to communicate to our employees the importance of personal Covid-19 behaviour, including wearing masks, regularly washing and sanitising of hands and keeping social distance, especially in common areas.

We can assure you that providing a safe working environment for our colleagues is an absolute imperative for us and, to this end, we will continue to focus our attention on adherence to the various safety measures that we have implemented in our Head Office.

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