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Food Lover’s Market is excited for Polokwane shoppers to join its Good Food Neighbourhood


Food Lover’s Market The Farmyard opened at The Farmyard Trading Post, Polokwane.

The Food Lover’s Market Group, South Africa’s largest privately owned retailer, opened the Polokwane store at The Farmyard Trading Post on 01 December 2022. Boasting all the mod cons of a modern Food Lover’s Market store, including a dancing banana performing musical theatrics, this new food emporium is set to delight residents of Polokwane. This new food emporium boasts an array of fresh food and grocery offerings and a dazzling display of shopping theatre inside. With a considerable emphasis placed on creating an environment of freshness and sustainability, it promises a premium shopping experience. The new 3906 sqm space is set to become Polokwane’s best store and shopping destination.

Travis Coppin, CEO of the Food Lover’s Market Retail, says, “We’re a little brand with a big heart, and we truly want to be the good food neighbourhood. One of our primary objectives is to be the best store in any community we serve, and the Polokwane community is no different. Our ‘community first’ approach is focussed on offering the best in-store shopping experience, inflation-busting value and variety.”

“More than just a supermarket, we want to be a market for food lovers.”

The most significant benefit for Polokwane residents will be the modern all-round convenience of the new store as it will offer everything from fresh produce to a gourmet butchery and a full range of groceries. Parking is ample, and customers can shop with peace of mind, knowing that the open-plan layout of the store will lend itself to making shopping a delight – as well as having a sufficient number of tills to reduce the waiting time.

Departments within this new state-of-the-art store will include standard departments which have been enlarged and improved – such as Fruit and Veg, Butchery, Bakery, Seafood with both fresh and frozen fish, Cheese & Deli, and a Health & Happiness dried fruit and nut bar that will delight the health-conscious food lover. Customers will enjoy the Grab & Go selection of foods – including Sushi and Poké bowls. New departments included Fresh Society – where shoppers can select fresh ingredients to make their smoothies, juices, salads, wraps and fruit bowls, and Hot Foods – boasting delicious prepared foods such as Crispy Chicken, Bubs Fish & Chips and Pie O’My. Shoppers will also be able to buy premium wine at everyday prices at the wine section and flowers at the Flower Market.

Jack Seema will manage the store, and he will have a team of 160 passionate team members to support him, including a team of 25 expert blockman in the gourmet butchery section. Shoppers can be assured of efficient service with 15 tills ensuring a speedy exit on checkout.

The Food Lover’s Market Polokwane team will maintain constant stock rotation to ensure freshness and quality. Food Lover’s Market will offer the best fresh departments and a full Grocery department sporting all the household brands South Africans know and love. This new expanded offering, which includes popular and house brand items, will make this store a one-stop shop for all shoppers.


“We’re delighted with the result, and I firmly believe that Food Lover’s Market is the best retail store in the area. Customers can look forward to our regular weekly deals, as well as our special promotional events such as Summer and Winter Carnival, Ten Buck Tuesday, Fifty Buck Friday and more,” concludes Coppin.

Food Lover’s Market The Farmyard is located at Shop LG01, The Farmyard Trading Post, Intersection of Munnik and School Roads, Bendore, ext 115, Polokwane. Follow the Facebook page for Food Lover’s Market Polokwane news or the Food Lover’s Market website for weekly deals.


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