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Food Lover’s Plankie Braai – The Ultimate Braai Tapas


Plankie Braai · Traditionally a braai tapas platter served on a wooden board (plankie), with dipping bowls. The Food Lover’s Plankie Braai is a sizzling selection of ready-to-braai sharing snacks to satisfy the crowd.  

Do you want to be the legend at the braai? Make the ultimate braai tapas platter with the Food Lover’s Plankie Braai Range. The sizzling selection is delicious as is, but you can add your favourite dips like sweet chilli sauce, hummus, chutney or tomato sauce.  

Check out the Food Lover’s Plankie Braai range to be sure to grab some for the summer braai. 

  • Bacon & Halloumi Skewers  
  • Chicken Dragon Eggs – chicken wrapped around a jalapeno popper 
  • Cheese Burger Roulade – wrapped in bacon 
  • Jalapeno Cheesy Dog – Jalapeno & cheese grilled on a stick 
  • Oepsies – with a BBQ sauce 
  • Sweet & Sticky Smokies – cheese grillers with sweet chilli sauce 
  • Sweet Heat Pork Shots – bacon-wrapped cheese grillers with a sriracha spice 
  • Cheese grilled twister – cheese grilled wrapped in bacon 

Get the Plankie Braai range from your local Food Lover’s Market.

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