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Food Trends for 2024


With every new year, we are faced with new challenges, healthy living goals and economic well-being but when it comes to food trends, we always want to stay up-to-date and well informed. We at Food Lover’s Market are here to keep you updated and informed about the food trends for 2024. 

Here are 6 food and health trends that will be peeking its head in 2024. 

Seacuterie Board  

In case you are confused about the word, it is merely a board of various types of fish products. If the word sounds familiar, then you are recognising it from “charcuterie” boards. Appetizing platters that combine the love of sustainable seafood options with the enjoyment of traditional charcuterie satisfy the growing desire for dining experiences that are both healthy and environmentally aware. Curating a board with a variety of carefully sourced seafood delicacies in addition to cured and smoked fish captivates both food lovers and your hungry guests! The wide variety of fresh, frozen and tinned fish and seafood can be found in your nearest Food Lover’s Market. Make sure to go around and pop around our fresh fish selection, see our weight-and-pay section and even say hello to your local fishmonger! 

Grab and Go Food options.

Food must keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle that people lead, as their schedules become increasingly hectic. We all know that 24 hours goes quicker than 24 hours! With society moving at a speed, we do not always have time to pack in lunch and maybe want to be snacking all day. The “grab and go” movement has changed throughout the years, becoming a new, convenient way of eating. We’re only getting started with the mobile eating craze. And you can find a Grab ‘n Go in every Food Lover’s Market store. In case you are running late to the office, you got the “55 minutes to load-shedding” notification or just simply do not have time to cook, you will find a variety of food and snack options our Grab-And-Go section.

Here are just some of the tasty options you will find:

  • Fresh Salads
  • Grilled Whole Chicken
  • Paninis and rolls
  • Sushi
  • Fruit and breakfast cups 

Come see what we have on offer.


Buckwheat is a highly nutritious, gluten-free whole grain that is ideal for today’s health-conscious customer. Buckwheat is a blooming plant seed, not wheat, and it may be utilised in many different recipes. Pancakes, cakes, cookies, and many other baked goods turn to buckwheat flour, which can be used as a flour substitute.
Here are some of the benefits:
– Better digestion
– Manage blood sugar
– Prevent Cardiovascular Disease 

Next time you want to bake, try this recipe below and include buckwheat rather than your generic flour.:

Try out this recipe using buckwheat: 

Gourmet Noodles

In 2024, get ready to up your noodle game! Gourmet instant ramen options are improving and competing with the classics. The instant noodle market is getting a gourmet makeover thanks those noodle manufacturers.

This year we need to make sure that we elevate our gourmet noodles, by adding our flair to the bowl. Even if you are new to the noodles game, add something exstra such as a fried egg, chives, mushrooms, and carrots. Balanced diet? Yes, noodles can a healthy meal if you add some vegetables and protein in the bowl. I mean, who doesn’t love some gourmet noodles?

Here are two recipes for you to try out, if you are not sure what to add in your noodles: 

Meal Prepping

We all know waking up in the morning, realising you don’t have anything to pack for school or work, not having a decent meal or simply not having all the ingredients. Meal is your solutions, and it is highlighted as a trend for 2024, as we continue to see tricky economic pressures. Meal prepping is simply, where one plans what to eat for the week or a few days and do your shopping accordingly.  

There are applications available to help with your meal prep or you can insert the type of meals you want to eat and find recipes and you will be able to do your shopping accordingly.

Plant Food, That Looks like Plants (Fruits and Veggies)

According to Whole Foods 2024 food trend predictions, plant-based cuisine will be “putting the ‘veggie’ back in your veggie burger and shrinking labels all over the plant-based category.” That is, protein-forward vegetarian and vegan products will be made with mushrooms, walnuts, tempeh and legumes instead of meat alternatives. Even at restaurants, FSR Magazine cites plant-forward menus as a top trend for 2024. Broccoli on a bun anyone?

In conclusion, food trends will come in many shapes and sizes, from small nibbly bits to something as gourmet noodles. We at Food Lover’s Market wants to make sure that you are aware of what’s happening and assure you that you can find your entire shopping basket at our store. 

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