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Media Statement- Food Lover’s Market Jabulani Mall



We have been made aware of disturbances at our Jabulani store where individuals purporting to be members of the EFF have apparently agitated to have our store closed.  This has been done because of an allegation that a staff member has tested positive for COVID-19.


The fact of the matter is that NO staff member has tested positive nor has any proof to the contrary been brought forward. The staff member in question went on normal sick leave on 16 April 2020 and was booked off for two weeks until 30 April 2020.  We understand that this was for influenza. She was not tested for COVID-19 as she did not show any symptoms.


We understand from our franchisee, the owner of the store, that when she returned to work other staff members became uneasy and this resulted in the intervention of the EFF. On Saturday, 2 May 2020, an agreement was reached that the staff member in question would be tested and that the Gauteng Department of Health would be involved. Despite this agreement, the EFF returned to the store yesterday, disrupting trading and publicly demanding that the store be closed.  The store owners had no choice but to suspend trading for the day.  


Today the store has been unable to commence trading because of continued intimidation by the EFF. The affected staff member has been taken by the Health Department for a COVID-19 test and we’re waiting for the outcome. If she tests positive, the franchisee will activate and follow all protocols which have been communicated to them in detail from Head Office. In the meantime, the franchisee intends reopening and will trade as normal. The EFF are urged to cease their agitation and intimidation as this is both disruptive and unsettling to the staff and the customers alike. We also call upon the South African Police Service to ensure that there is no disruption by any party to normal trade. 

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