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Media Statement from Food Lover’s Market


We are aware of the incident at Food Lover’s Market Musgrave and the consequent TikTok videos made by Ms Ziphe Magubane. This morning, we engaged in an open and meaningful discussion with Ms Magubane about the incident at the store in which she expressed her unhappiness about how her brother was treated, as well as the concern that he will not be able to shop at a Food Lover’s Market store in future.

We have assured Ms Magubane that in no way was this racial profiling and that we certainly will not prevent her brother from entering our stores – neither will we target him if he does choose to shop in any of our stores.

Food Lover’s Market and the manager of the Musgrave store wishes to again apologise to Ms Magubane and her brother. Food Lover’s Market does not condone racism or racial profiling in our stores in any shape or form. Retail stores, including the Food Lover’s Market Musgrave store, are often beset by theft at this time of the year, resulting in our store management being hyper-vigilant about the conduct of customers in-store. While we believe that our store manager handled the complaint appropriately by apologising to Ms Magubane’s brother, we also understand her concerns and sympathise with how the experience may have upset Ms Magubane and, specifically, her brother.

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