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Raising Wilding’s Top 10 healthier snacks powered by Food Lover’s:


Here is the list of top healthier snacks from Food Lover’s:

1. Yoghurt

A great source of vitamins, fats and probiotics. Add some fruit and chia seeds for fibre and volume.

2. Protein bars

Grenade protein bars are my favourite as the macros are fantastic and 20g worth of protein keeps you full!

3. Dried fruit

Another great source of fibre and antioxidants for better digestive health.

4. Lean biltong

Great source of protein to keep you full and Vitamin B12 that’s essential for our bodies

5. Unsalted nuts

A great option to get in those healthy fats, and for better heart health.

6. Trigz chips

The perfect crunchy snack to satisfy you and to get in those daily carbs for brain function

7. Snack bars

Food Lover’s market has a range of snack bars containing oats or coconut to satisfy your sweet tooth while still being nutritious.

8. Trail mixes

Make your own at the Food Lover’s nut and seed bar (dispensers) – mix in some nuts, seeds and dried fruit pieces to get a nutritious combo for which your body will thank you!

9. Protein drinks

Not only is it tasty, but protein shakes help you reach that protein target to preserve muscle and keep you full.

10. Fresh fruit and veggies

Don’t underestimate a good old bowl of sliced apples, grapes and blueberries. Leave them in the fridge to get ice cold so they cool you off on these hot summer days

Feeling snacky now? Are you keen to make your own healthy snacks? Browse through some of our top healthier snack attack recipes:

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