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Braai Snoek with an Apricot and Sherry Glaze and Roosterkoek


Snoek is commonly eaten at Easter time in South Africa, more specifically Cape Townian…but we love it any time of the year! The Food Lover’s Siganutre Braai Snoek (1kg box) makes it even easier to just pop on the braai, and add some glaze. This braai snoek recipe uses an easy apricot jam and sherry glaze, paired with steaming roosterkoek perfectly grilled.

As for the leftovers (if you have any), here’s what you should make: (You might want to make sure you have leftovers just to enjoy these)

Prep time
20 minutes
Cooking time
30 minutes

Additional Notes

What other Snoek recipes can I make?

Snoek is best cooked on the braai, but you can pair it with different glazes or sides. Click here to browse some more tried and tested snoek recipes.

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