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Chunky Potato Salad with Harissa Mayo Dressing


This is a wholesome, chunky potato salad, with crunchy textures and deep spicy flavours, that yield a bit of bite. Harissa is a staple in middle eastern cuisine, here it adds a hint of exotic, to what can sometimes be a rather mundane dish. This recipe is a really interesting take on a traditional potato salad. A great accompaniment to any summer dish, or even served as a meal on its own.

Prep time
10 minutes
Cooking time
20 minutes

Additional Notes

Harissa is a Tunisian hot chili pepper paste. It can be made in bulk and kept in the fridge in an airtight glass jar. You can even freeze the paste for later use. It can be used in vegetable or meat dishes. Learn more about the flavours of Africa here. 

If you are not into making your own bread, this Harissa paste is the perfect spread on any of our freshly baked artisan loaves of bread.

How do you use Harissa paste?

You could simply spread Harissa paste onto your toast, or add it into a dip (like hummus), or use it in a pasta, OR you could make on of our delicious recipe using Harissa.

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