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Dalgona Iced Coffee & Food Lover’s Bakery Treats


Dalgona coffee, also known as Whipped Coffee or “TikTok coffee”, is a Korean coffee made by whipping instant coffee with a bit of water and sugar, and then pouring over milk. Serve this delicious Dalgona Iced coffee with a freshly baked treat from the Food Lover’s bakery. We recommend a warm slice of apple tart/pie, milk tart, or a little fruit tartlet.

If you want a regular hot Dalgona Coffee, simply warm up the milk before adding your whipped coffee mixture.

Prep time
5 minutes

Additional Notes

Can you make sugar-free Dalgona coffee?

Yes, you can! just leave out the sugar, but you might want to add a sweetener or honey of choice.

Is Dalgona Coffee Vegan or Dairy-Free?

It can be! Choice whichever milk suits your lifestyle, from soy to lactose-free, almond, oat, or even coconut milk!

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