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Herb and Chilli Garlic Bread


Did you see the trending Calabrian garlic bread? This recipe is the South African version that uses local fresh chillies (of your choice). The compound butter mixture is butter tossed with herbs, chilli and delicious roasted garlic, which is breathtaking (really ). This chilli garlic bread is a perfect side dish alongside a braai in summer, a soup in winter, or an impressive (yet simple) dinner party appetizer. Try this recipe for the ULTIMATE crispy, garlicky, buttery bread!

*Makes 12 slices

Prep time
10 minutes
Cooking time
1 hour

Additional Notes

Do I have to use French loaf for this chill garlic bread recipe?

No, you don’t, but French loaf makes for the perfect appetizer slices. Visit the Food Lover’s bakery for any freshly baked bread. From sourdough to rye, or perhaps you’d like to try something interesting like a german Landbrodt or sweet potato bread.

Want to make this even more indulgent?

Take this chilli garlic bread a step further, add parmesan, feta or cheese on top and grill it for an indulgent snack.

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