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Homemade Harissa


Homemade Harissa made using roasted red peppers & chillies. Harissa – a tunisian chilli sauce, packed with flavour. This recipe will add a boost to any meal.  Add some paste to your bread & cheese platter, use it as a chicken kebab rub, toss it in your couscous, top it on your egg breakfast or through some hummus. It’s so versatile and adds a punch of flavour, with a chilli kick.

Additional Notes

Harissa is just one of the delicious, and versatile flavours originating in Africa. There are loads more flavours, ingredients and spice mixes that are a game-changer in the kitchen. Learn more about the flavours of Africa here. 

How do you use Harissa paste?

You could simply spread Harissa paste onto your toast, or add it into a dip (like hummus), or use it in a pasta, OR you could make on of our delicious recipe using Harissa.

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