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Ploughman’s Lunch Platter


“This style of dining reminds me of the carefree days of the European food markets of old – from picking out exactly what you’re in the mood for, to having a picnic on a park bench with spectacular views.”

This is the perfect lunch or snack platter when you are pressed for time and don’t have a spare moment to bake your own bread.

Prep time
20 minutes

Additional Notes

  • Can I make a ploughman’s platter for a banter?
    • Yes! Get our HEBA Low-Carb banting bread from our Food Lover’s bakery (order in advance), and pair it with banting approved cheeses, dips, deli meats etc.
  • What if I am Gluten-Free?
    • Get our Gluten-free bread from our bakery, and pair with gluten-free dips, cheeses etc.
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