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Reel Gardening


We’re growing together. Not just the business, but actual food!

Earth Lovers is delighted to be working with Claire Reed, one of South Africa’s most well-known young entrepreneurs in supporting `The Planting Revolution’ a movement designed to ignite behaviour change by making planting desirable or, as Claire puts it, `to get grounded through growing’!
In short, Reel Gardening is a pre-fertilised biodegradable seed tape which anchors the seed and nutrients at the correct depth and distance apart.

Reel Gardening has specially packed a Planting Revolution Garden in a Box which are packed to suit each region and season. These are coming soon exclusively to Food Lover’s Market stores where not only will we be supporting this amazing organisation, but we will also be donating R10 form the sale of each box to go towards creating simple, fun messaging for children on the importance of good nutrition.
Each box will contain 5 different vegetables and / or herbs along with the companion planting flowers. This box will plant out 2 square meters and produce roughly 40 servings of vegetables.

And to add an element of cool, Reel Gardening have established influential partnerships, such as with US based singer Aloe Blacc and local pop phenomenon Tresor who will be releasing a song for the movement in the next two months. They have also garnered the support of DJ Fix as the ambassador of 5fm Young Blood 5 and are developing a strategy with Unilever and UNICEF who are eager to support the link between growing your own food the Reel way and better nutrition as part of their brighter futures campaign in underprivileged schools across South Africa.

This is a brilliant cause and we’re delighted to be playing our part in supporting Claire and her team.

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