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As the season changes, many of us look to our gardens and think of planting new things to suit the season. So too, you will notice that the fresh produce in store will also start to change as new fruits and veggies come into season. Make a fresh start this Autumn and consider planting a little food garden for yourself and/or your family. You needn’t have a large garden – a planter box on a window sill will just fine to supply you with love fresh herbs, tomatoes, lettuce or spring onions.

Reel Gardening was designed to be the simple solution to gardening – and simple is the best word to describe it. All the fuss is taken out of gardening by using the illustrations on the box explain how to plant Reel Gardening strips, which makes gardening accessible to everyone. In addition you don’t need to think about how deep and at what distance apart to put the seeds into the soil as the biodegradable paper already anchors the seeds at the correct depth and distance apart.

There are three basic steps to plant your Reel Gardening seed strip:

Step 1: Prepare the soil Turn the soil to allow for root growth and add compost or fertilizer if necessary.

Step 2: Plant your strip Make a furrow in the ground and plant your strip up to the white line. Pat down around your strip to secure it in place.

Step 3: Water your strip Frequent watering is essential for optimum germination. Water daily until the plants germinate, from then on water every second or third day.

And there you have it, simple but effective! Just add water and soon you’ll be on your way to a hearty harvest!

Food Lovers Market stores now stock Reel Gardening boxes in store available to buy – making it even easier for you to start your home-grown food journey. Check out the list of stores which stock Reel Gardening products here. Join the revolution and our Love Food Movement today by purchasing a Reel Gardening box.

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