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Seeds Of Change at the Organic & Natural Africa Expo


Food Lover’s Market and its supplier development partnership, Seeds Of Change exhibited at the Organic and Natural Expo Africa hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre between 14-16 September 2023. At the expo, Food Lover’s Market secured a section of stands which it then made available to suppliers to exhibit their product offerings to the expo attendees. It gave a stage to tell consumers and potential applicants about the Seeds of Change programme, where small-medium social enterprises can apply to be part of the partnership to get their business ready to supply a large retailer like Food Lover’s Market. Read more about Seeds Of Change: Click here.

Feedback on the expo

The Food Lover’s Market Mile, as our area of the Expo was eventually called, had a great mix of products, and we couldn’t be more delighted with the Expo. It was busy, everyone made great connections, and our SMMEs enjoyed the exposure – we are all happy with the outcome.

It was a fantastic opportunity to share more about the Seeds Of Change Supplier Development Partnership, as many attendees and entrepreneurs were curious about Food Lover’s Market’s presence at the Expo. Seeds of Change aims to create an opportunity for socially and environmentally focussed small businesses to join the Food Lover’s Market network as a supplier. As part of the Seeds of Change initiative, Food Lover’s Market secured space at the Expo and offered it to some of our SMMEs for exposure.

While the Seeds Of Change Supplier Development Partnership will have an increase in SMME interest next year(we generated leads at the stand), we are bolstered by the positive feedback we received from everyone. While they loved the initiative and complimented us on what we are doing in the social entrepreneurship space, we were pleased to receive many ideas on improving Seeds of Change to reach more South Africans. The Expo was an excellent opportunity to connect, and we saw many innovative, trending and interesting products that could shine on Food Lover’s Market shelves. We hope some entrepreneurs we met apply to join Seeds Of Change in 2024.


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A bumper success for Africa’s Organic and Natural Products Expo

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