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Sink your teeth into Watermelon!


What better way to enjoy a hot summers day than sitting by the poolside sinking your teeth into some fresh, cold watermelon? This refreshing fruit may be made up of 92% water but it is soaked with nutrients, and this means it can help you stay hydrated on a really hot day.

So here is its claim to fame: Watermelon gets its colour from lycopene, which is a powerful carotenoid antioxidant, and watermelon in fact is a more concentrated source than tomatoes! This is not only a really good antioxidant but it is also an anti-inflammatory.

It contains amino acids that are heart healthy and also helps sore muscles to recover.

This joyful fruit promotes regularity of your digestive tract because of all its fibre goodness.

It also contains other important nutrients like

-Vitamin C (boost your immune system),

-Vitamin A (great for your skin health),

-Vitamin B6,



You can actually eat the rind of the watermelon, so if you have a powerful blender at home then try blending it with some juice instead of tossing it away.


How to pick the perfect watermelon?

A massive let down is that watermelon is always a gamble, like a Christmas gift, you never really know what’s inside. When you buy a beautiful big watermelon, slice it open and it lacks colour, flavor it is all-round disappointing! So here are some tips on how to pick the perfect one:

– Look for a pale, buttery-yellow spot (not white or green) on the bottom. This is where the watermelon sits on the ground ripening

-Ever seen crazy people knockin on a watermelon? This is known as the thump test. Give it a knock, if it sounds hollow, this means its ready! (the risk is that the watermelon could be overripe)

-Choose the heavier one, it should be heavy for its size (because of the water content)

-Scratch the surface/skin of the watermelon,  the outer layer will slip back when you are scratching the surface of the rind and show a green-white color under the rind.


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