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Statement in regards to product recall following Listeriosis announcement

Following on from the announcement by the Department of Health on 4th March 2018 confirming the source of the listeriosis outbreak, we initiated an immediate nationwide recall and removed from sale all Enterprise (Bokkie, Renown & Mieliekip brands) and Rainbow Chicken processed meat products in our Food Lover’s Market and Freshstop stores. 
We immediately notified our customers that they can return any  Enterprise or Rainbow Chicken products purchased from our Food Lover’s Market or Freshstop stores for a full refund. Customers will not be required to produce till slips or proof of purchase in order to return these products. 
We can confirm that our in-house Freshers Deli branded ready-to-eat processed meat products are not manufactured by either Enterprise or Rainbow Chicken (RCL Foods) and are therefore not being recalled. 
All recalled products are being segregated and will be retained until such time as they are uplifted from our stores by Tiger Brands and RCL Foods in accordance with their recall plans. All display fridges, slicers and food preparation areas in our stores are in the process of being cleaned and sanitised in order to prevent cross-contamination. 
The health of our consumers is our primary concern. We wish to reassure all our customers that we will continue to employ the highest standards of food safety procedures in our meat and deli departments and all fridges and food areas will be cleaned and decontaminated to prevent cross-contamination.
For more information and consumer advise on Listeriosis, please find the statement from the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa here:
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